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Our Services
Bariatric Surgery
For those struggling to lose excess pounds despite attempts at exercising and eating right, St. Luke’s offers the option of surgical weight loss – known as bariatric surgery – to improve health and well-being.  MORE.
Diagnostic Imaging
St. Luke’s all-digital diagnostic studies mean lower-dosage radiation, shorter exam time, fewer callbacks and faster results.   MORE.
Emergency Services
Our convenient location in The Woodlands area is staffed by board-certified adult and pediatric emergency physicians.  MORE.
Executive Health Program
Let one of our board-certified internal medicine physicians conduct a thorough medical assessment, including a review of your personal and family medical history.  MORE.
Family Birthing Center
Our private, up-to-date birthing suites are designed to cater to families providing a comfortable homelike experience.  MORE.
Gamma Knife®
The Gamma Knife® team at St. Luke’s The Woodlands offers one of the most technologically advanced means of treating brain disorders.  MORE.
Heart Care
Our comprehensive Heart Care Services continues to expand and bring the latest technology and techniques to Montgomery County, including its first open heart surgery.  MORE.
Interventional Neuroradiology
Interventional neuroradiology, an accredited medical subspecialty of neuroradiology, uses minimally invasive image-based technologies and procedures to diagnose and treat disorders of the head, neck and spine.  MORE.
Neuroscience Services
The Neuroscience Center strives to be a leader in Montgomery County for stroke and neurosurgical patients, following best medicine practices and utilizing the latest technology.  MORE.
St. Luke’s is the only area hospital staffed with board-certified pediatric emergency physicians.  MORE.
Robotic Surgery
The da Vinci® Surgical System is revolutionizing surgical procedures and St. Luke's The Woodlands Hospital is leading the way.  MORE.
Sleep Services
St. Luke's Center of Sleep Medicine offers the largest network of accredited sleep beds in Houston and is staffed by specialists in pulmonology, neurophysiology and psychiatry.  MORE.
St. Luke's Performance Medicine
St. Luke's Performance Medicine provides a comprehensive set of performance related services including assessments and training, sports medicine, rehabilitation and physical therapy.  MORE.
St. Luke's Texas OB/GYN Specialists
St. Luke's Texas OB/GYN Specialists offer a wide range of OB and GYN services through our hospital located in The Woodlands.
Sunshine Primary Care
The clinic provides yearly physicals, vaccines, in-house labs and EKGs.  MORE.
Surgery Center
Whether it is Robotic Surgery, out-patient Surgery or bariatric Surgery, St. Luke's The Woodlands Hospital is leading the way.  MORE.
Wound Care
Our Wound Care Clinic can help with a wide range of wound related conditions. Learn more about our services...  MORE.
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